Oh My Aching Shins!

Tight shoes, such as those with pointed toes or a narrow toe area, and high heels can cause the formation of a bunion. As such, changing shoe types can help reduce the symptoms of the condition. Shoes with a low heel and a wide area for the toes are best for individuals with a bunion. Individuals with a bunion should not wear shoes with a heel higher than 2 1/4 inches, according to MayoClinic.com. You Might Also Like Therapy and Medications Bunions happen over time. What begins as the big toe pointing toward the second toe ends up as changes in the actual alignment of the bones in the foot. Do bunion splits work' is the first question asked by many when they are asked to use them. They are very easy to use and inexpensive. They are priced economically and can be affordable to many. You just need to wear them while you are walking and not have much of a problem as they are extremely lightweight. The bunion night splints are also very useful and can be worn before going to bed. They work towards aligning your toe joints to the normal position while you are sleeping. Bunion splints help in better toe corrections especially in adolescents, as their young bones can realign more effectively. bunion pain relief at home Majority of the common procedures concerning the foot surgery are performed by the podiatrists are for the ankle sprains, the ingrown toenails and the arthritic joins. The APMA has reported that majority of the women are suffering from the bunion pain because of wearing the narrow toed, high heeled shoes and sandals; the bunion surgery is performed for treating the bone enlargement which is generally at the base of your toe. Any shoe that pinches your feet in the toe area can cause bunions. Narrow shoes with an even narrower toe box and a high heel are the number one cause of bunions. One of the common reasons to suffer from this condition is by wearing tight shoes. Cramping your feet in a small pair of shoes can cause such problems. Bunion also arises due to certain foot injury as well as stress. Women are affected by this condition mainly due to high-heeled, pointy-toed shoes which cramp the air causing problems to your feet. Bunions are also formed to a flatfeet person. It runs in the family as it is a hereditary problem. Older people and many young people suffer from arthritis problem which is also a good reason for development of bunionbunion pain relief Bunions can cause mild discomfort or severe pain, depending on the degree of swelling and inflammation that develops as the toe shifts. The outer side of the toe can be irritated by footwear rubbing against it, which increases pain and swelling. Bursitis, inflammation in the fluid-filled sac that cushions the joint, also can increases pain. The toenail of the big toe may dig into the second toe, which may cause pain and possibly lead to infection. Burning sensations or numbness in the joint may also occur. Severe pain can interfere with walking and carrying out activities of daily living. You Might Also Like Deformity